Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sprite DLight Kickstarter campaign over

738% funded! 

It has been an exciting campaign, Sprite DLight's Kickstarter closed with 467 backers and 738% of the basic funding goal. All stretch goals have been smashed.

I am really happy to have that many engaged supporters, as the scope of the project has distinctly increased. 
Thank you all so much for your contributions, I know many of you helped to make Sprite DLight known to a great number of people.

This is a new screenshot of the tool, introducing the option to conveniently adjust the light angle for the re-rendering feature. 

Sprite DLight - Instant normal maps for 2D graphics - Update #13 
"Goblin-pixel", ©2014 AlbertoV (DYA Games), normal map and re-rendering preview of Sprite DLight


  1. I found this blog on google searches you have any 3d tools

  2. Hats off for Kick starter finally they reached their goal weight with 467 backers and 738% of the basic funding and I feel proud because being a supporter of you am am waiting for the official launch of this 2D tool.


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