Friday, March 18, 2016

Unity 2D dynamic lighting tutorial with custom Sprite DLight shader

A new tutorial on normal map integration with Unity! 

While integrating dynamic lighting in a 2D game with Sprite DLight's normal maps, Unity users have reported several issues with the built-in materials and shaders.  

With the new custom Sprite DLight shader and a step-by-step tutorial for beginners and advanced Unity users, anyone should now be able to easily improve their 2D game with normal maps.
Danilo Ganzella, backer of Sprite DLight and Game Designer of the game “Tower of Samsara” , wrote the custom shader and the tutorial, which covers all the basics from generating sprite sheets and normal maps to bringing everything together in Unity.  

Sprite DLight - Instant normal maps for 2D graphics - Update #24 

For the full tutorial, please see Sprite DLight Update #24 on Kickstarter!

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