Friday, November 21, 2014

Sprite DLight stretch goals announced!

Kickstarter update #4 introduces four amazing stretch goals

Watch the video for a preview of Sprite DLight's stretch goals!

Sprite DLight Kickstarter Link Update 4

Stretch Goal #1: Lighting preview

To directly see how the generated maps turn out and how different settings effect them, Sprite DLight will get a lighting preview with adjustable ambient lights and a moving light source.

Stretch Goal #2: Mac version

Finally, the Mac version has become possible. If this is what you have been waiting for, please go ahead and help to make it a reality!

Stretch Goal #3: Re-Rendering

The lighting preview will be included in batch processing and you will be able to export your sprites after re-rendering them under different lighting conditions, based on the information from the generated normal map.
There will be a static lighting option to allow consistent lighting of multiple subjects in a sprite sheet and an option to save individual lighting settings.

Stretch Goal #4: Manual artistic control

If you are not perfectly satisfied with a generated normal map, you can export it in the form of lightmaps, which are four grayscale images, lit from the cardinal directions.
These shading images can be painted on in any image editing software in a way that feels natural.
After adjusting shadows and highlights, they can be merged back to a perfect normal map.

This is just a short summary of Sprite DLight's Update #4. Click here for the update on Kickstarter!


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