Friday, March 28, 2014

InDee Toons Launch Date Announced!

InDee Toons – Animated Game Characters: Kickstarter to be launched today at 6:00pm CST

The Kickstarter for InDee Toons – Animated Game Characters has been accepted and is now ready to be published.

The project is scheduled to be launched today at 6:00pm Central Standard Time.

I have also launched a new Facebook fan page for InDee Toons, the URL is

With InDee Toons, I want to provide a stock of 50 fully animated game characters that can be easily integrated into any engine.

There will be two kinds of toons:
  • Standard Toons: affordable basic characters containing everything you need for most games
  • EPIC Toons: very luxury game assets with special features at a slightly higher price
Tell everybody interested in game development and indie games about the upcoming Kickstarter of InDee Toons!
Directly after launch, the link to the project will be posted here, on the Facebook page and on Twitter.

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