Saturday, March 29, 2014

InDee Toons - Animated Game Characters Kickstarter launched!

The missing link in the (r)evolution of indie game development

Do you love games?
Of course you do!

And do you also enjoy creating games on your own?

If you have ever wondered why there is no resource for game assets, you should continue reading.

What about a library of characters for you to choose from?

InDee Toons - A Library of 2D Game Characters

You could just pick the most suitable ones and drop them right into your game, without wasting your valuable time on trying to get in contact with artists that could possibly do the art for you or even trying to create the assets all by yourself.

Creating games has never been easier than it is today.
There are wonderful tools and engines that can do most of the coding for you, but where can developers get the assets they need to make the look of their game as good as the concept behind it?

With my Kickstarter project "InDee Toons", I want to take care of this challenge by offering a stock of 50 fully animated 2D game characters, provided under a royalty-free license.
This license allows you to use the character in as many free or commercial projects as you like, once you purchased it.

By making this license non-exclusive, the price for an asset can be kept low, which makes them affordable even for prototyping.

There are two kinds of toons: standard toons and EPIC toons.
The standard toons cover all animations you need for most game genres.

EPIC toons are deluxe toons, featuring better lighting, weapons, special effects like glowing armor, more details and more animation frames.

InDee Toons - A Library of 2D Game Characters

To provide even more great features and options to improve the versatility of the characters, there are some extremely awesome stretch goals like resizing, mirroring and sprite sheet options, mounts, customizable lighting and even real dynamic lighting through normal maps.
If that sounds great to you, check out the Kickstarter page of InDee Toons for more details, videos and pictures:
To make this possible, your support is needed and highly appreciated.
Kickstarter funding works with an "all-or-nothing" philosophy, so the project will only happen if we get fully funded.
Apart from pledges, you can support InDee Toons by spreading the word.

With your help, InDee Toons can be the new definition of character sprites!

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