Friday, November 7, 2014

Sprite DLight Kickstarter Preview Page

Kickstarter draft is now open for feedback

With less than five days left until Sprite DLight's Kickstarter launch, I have decided to publish the preview link to show what can be expected from the tool and to use the chance to gather final feedback for last-minute adjustments.

I highly appreciate any kind of feedback on the page, the video, the rewards and all other aspects.
Feedback can be given directly on the Kickstarter page or in a comment to this post.
Launch time of the campaign is 4:00pm CST, next Tuesday, November 11.
After launch, the link will turn into the project link, so it will still be valid and can be bookmarked now.

Sprite DLight Kickstarter Preview Link

Sprite DLight Kickstarter Link

As Kickstarter works with an all-or-nothing model, the project only gets off the ground if the funding goal is reached within the duration of the campaign.
If you plan to back Sprite DLight, it would be amazing if you could do that within the first 48 hours after launch, because it will be a race for visibility where only campaigns with a good start stay on top.
For the best chances of success, it is important to reach as much people as possible, so I would like to ask everybody to share the project in any imaginable way.

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