Monday, April 7, 2014

InDee Toons now fully customizable!

Custom head generator, exchangeable body parts and source files included!

InDee Toons now work like paper dolls, the body parts and their attributes can be freely changed

The Kickstarter of InDee Toons has been modified to give developers the opportunity to create their own unique characters, without having to create assets themselves.
A lot of people have requested customization options for InDee Toons, because nobody wants to use the same characters others have in their games.

To achieve this, several changes had to be made:
  • The concept has been simplified, no more standard and epic toons, every toon is now epic!
  • The source files for Spine will be provided for every toon, containing skeleton and animation data
  • The images for the body parts will be provided and can be mixed to create unique toons
  • Every toon now comes with a custom head generator

The custom head generator

As the heart of customization, every toon now has its own custom head generator.
This is a Spine file, allowing you to create a unique head for your toon.
There are different head shapes, hair styles, eyes, ears, noses, and more to choose from.
After selecting the facial features for your toon, you can adjust their position, scale (X and Y), rotation and color.
A long animation with billions of predefined head combinations is also included, together with a copy for the blinking and talking view of the unique head.

Some automatically generated heads created with the custom head generator of a female toon, after application of rim lights.

These adjustments to the project bring you infinite customization options for completely individual 2D game characters.
We have 20 days left on the funding duration of the Kickstarter of InDee Toons and we are about 15% funded at the time of this article.
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