Sunday, April 20, 2014

InDee Toons Kickstarter cancelled & preparing for relaunch

Reasons for the stop and upcoming changes

With one week left of the funding duration, the Kickstarter of InDee Toons has been cancelled for various reasons:
  • Due to the changes of the concept within the first days of the campaign from stock characters to customizable characters, the rewards had to be changed. 
  • The old rewards that already had pledges, could not be removed, which caused some confusion.
  • Apparently, most people interested in InDee Toons want to have the whole package as the main reward (of course at an affordable price).
Since day one, many things have changed and the direction I am now going with the customization package doesn't fit the concept of separate characters anymore.

The good news is: I learned a lot and I plan to relaunch the project with the whole package of customizable toons as the main focus, containing various theme packs like the pirate pack introduced with the most recent update.
If you haven't seen it yet, you can take a look at the preview of the pirate theme pack here:
Update #3: Introducing the pirate theme pack of customizable toons!

Thanks again to all backers and everybody who supported InDee Toons in Forums, Facebook and on Twitter.

Of course I appreciate any feedback on the campaign, the toons, the new concept and everything else that could help to make the project more attractive and useful.
Happy easter everyone!
I'm looking forward to the relaunch, hopefully together with you.

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